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Super Lilli

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Super Lilli is a short Animation Film about a young girl who likes Superheros. Her best friend Sophie shares that same interest, but over the years things changed. Lilli is still the quirky kid who is into heroes, but Sophie is one of the popular girls now and despises them. She picks on Lilli for her fandom and believes. Until the day Lilli became her Hero in need.

This Project is currently in the making. It is animated in 2D in a frame by frame style. It will be about 4 mins long in total.

Personally this Project had some ups, but also a lot of downs. We initially planed on finishing in the year 2019, because we began production in 2018. The Script was longer than it is now and would have had a play time of 15 mins. One year flew by and the only thing that was finished was the Animatic/pre vis. So we decided to shorten the story even further.

To my defence, I got into traditional animation a bit blind. So it was a lot of testing and figuring out what works best and apart from I still had school, where we also made various other projects during the whole period.

But with all honesty, it also kind of was my fault that the project is taking so long. I took it to easy and thought animating was a piece of cake and ignored all the warnings from my teachers. I lied to myself that it will be possible to finish it if I just push through. But I never really did. I never really had a moment where I thought that I am giving it my all. I still don’t know to this day what was holding me back. I really like animation and I really like this project with all my heart, but I am still struggling to sit down and work on it regularly.

One thing I am really proud of is my team and that they still have the patient to work with me and support me on this bumpy road to the finish line. Thank you <3

Never the less, we will release a trailer in the month of April and WILL finish the project this year.

Stay tuned for that 🙂

We would also be glad if you check us out on instagram where post exclusive pictures and behind the scenes.

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  • 30. January 2020 at 13:07

    Mega geiles Projekt!!!


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