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Personal Romeo


In the 3rd year of the Ortweinschool we have the oppertunity to make a Music Video. My friend Richard Edelsbacher and me had the Chance to make a Video for AnJosef.

AnJosef aka. Anna Heimrath is a Singer and Songwriter in Graz. She first made an appearance at The Voice of Germany in 2017 and was one of the finalists. Her debut Single Hide and Seek even made it into the Radio.

This Project was part of a Concert that was performed in Mumuth in Graz. The Concert was performed by the Kunst Uni Graz and was themed around Film Music. They orchestrated and played to originally films that were made exactly for that purpose.

Here you can watch the live Performance:

More to the process of how it came to be:

As I mention, the project was part of our 3rd year and our Class was divided into pairs of two or three. I got together with my friend Richard. Then began the search for artists that wanted to work with us. We wrote in various Facebook group, such as “Music seeks Video”. Not to long and we already received some replies. One of them of course was Personal Romeo. Daniel Comploi, who recorded and mixed the final piece, got in touch with us and arrange a meeting with us. We discussed what they would like and they had some ideas in which way the video should lead. The only limit was our creative freedom. We had very good and big ideas and i already had visions in my had on how it would look when it is finished.

Long story short, our ambitions were to high and we saw that we could not turn our visions into reality. (As with all my projects I did in school) Also we didn’t know were the shot the video. Luckily Anna Heimrath was so kind to let us record the music video in her house. The Second location was a bit improvised, with black curtains, in our school studio. The Shot went well and now it was time for post prodcution. This also took some time, but we finished on time.

In the End, it didn’t turn out how we imagined it, but we are still happy with what we created and also that we had the opportunity in the first place. 🙂

Here is the final outcome which you can find on AnJosef’s Youtube page:

Richard Edelsbacher
Julian Marx

Richard Edelsbacher

Julian Marx

Jacob Jabornig

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