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Personal Romeo

In the 3rd year of the Ortweinschool we have the oppertunity to make a Music Video. My friend Richard Edelsbacher and me had the Chance to make a Video for AnJosef. AnJosef aka. Anna Heimrath is a Singer and Songwriter in Graz. She first made an appearance at The Voice of Germany in 2017 and...Read More

Blind Text

This was a special project for me and a whole another experience that I am used to. So this project came to be when we showed our film We are what we eat at the MLA Awards in Vienna. The Curator of the “Yasss! youth Programm” which is a part of the Crossing Europe Festival...Read More

Retro Gameshow

The Retro Gameshow A small Live show produced and published by us, the 3xhmni from the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in Graz. Everything you see is made with love and passion. Crew  Moderators Jona Lingitz Julian Marx Production Ines Handler Regie Sarah Steinhäusler Richard Edelsbacher (Luka Radaelli) Camera Benjamin Wedemeyer Anna Fachbach Jacob Jabornig Sound Katharina Zotter...Read More